Where There is Smoke  2018

mixed media on birch board under laser cut plexi, LED’s

H 58 x  L58 cms


I am working with paint to create pieces that reflect the placement of contemporary culture within the continuum of time. Each piece is created in layers.  Starting with the archaic practice of under painting with milk-based pigment that is over painted with oil. To complete each painting is framed and covered with one or two layers of laser cut plexi.  When completed each piece becomes a shallow shadow box.

The idea of movement and the momentary glimpses of images that the brain combines and edits to make a cohesive whole is how I approach each visual composition.  Consider the experience of traveling by bus along an urban retail roadway.  Looking from the vehicle into the store windows as one passes by.  Each has its own theme or idea presented to the street.  There are reflections, interiors, the display and the street scene.  The viewer catches glimpses from each and remembers bits and pieces as one travels. 

A practice I developed while working with ceramics is to work in series. Each series centers on a theme that has a storyline that fits within the greater whole of the original concept.