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Sun Reach Series   2016 (4 paintings)

 Within each piece in the Sun Reach series there is the combination of two elements, the human figure and the sun.  As the title suggests each figure reaches out, some towards the sun while others stretch under the sun’s watchful gaze.  Unlike Icarus who dared to fly to close to the sun with unfortunate consequences these paintings ask the question “Why not succeed?”  The narrative within Sun Reach is one of hope.


The figures are contemporary existing within an environment of ideas and concept.  

The technical processes involved in their making place them within a continuum of art making practices.  

Each piece is constructed using techniques that are both archaic and current.  They were built in four stages; beginning with under painting using milk-based pigment followed by over painting with oils.   Additional panels are cut adhered or imbedded to the birch panel.  A computer and laser cut plexi glass panel completes the image. 

The layers of wood and plexi within their frames create a shallow shadow box effect.

Early Portraits   2015 (6 paintings)

2017 Travel Posters & Black Tee Shirts (9 paintings)

2018 Hands to Birds (6 paintings)